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Accounting Services

Tax legislation is one of the most rapidly changing legislations.

Do you want to concentrate on your business without worrying about your company’s compliance with the latest accounting requirements?

Do you want to be calm in case if you are asked to visit tax office? Seek professionals of Nika Business Consulting!

We provide the following accounting services:

  1. consultations on accounting and tax matters
  2. a full accounting using licensed program
  3. drafting up reports and declarations, annual reports and their submission to the Internal Revenue Service and in other instances
  4. representation of companies’ interests in Internal Revenue Service and full accompaniment during tax inspections and audits
  5. advice on international tax planning


-Experience in provision of accounting services since 1999. During this time, our customers have successfully passed more than 100 inspections and audits without fines and penalties by the tax authorities

We’re helping our customers to find solutions, aimed on tax optimization

-Our professionals have extensive experience in various branches of accounting and law

-Our employees regularly attend seminars and training courses

-Our services are insured against the risk of errors

We’re always available and willing to answer any of your questions

We take full responsibility for the correctness, accuracy and timeliness of accounting in accordance with the law!

If the examination will identify errors and penalties assessed by our fault, we will refund you the full amount of the fine!

Start working with us and get high-quality professional services for business today!