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Changes in Registration Documents

We prepare any documents to make changes in companies’ registration documents.

 Changes in the composition of ownership

 Changes in the Board

 Change of the legal address

 Change of name

 Redistribution of equity

 Increase of share capital

 Decrease of share capital

 Mergers, acquisitions

 Separation, partial allocation

 Reorganization

 Liquidation


Please note that according to the Latvian “Euro adoption process law”, all companies incorporated in Latvia (companies with share capital -SIA, AS) have to make changes in its company’s Statutes and have to prepare documents for denomination of share capital from LVL to EUR and submit them to the Register of Enterprises until June 30, 2016.

Have you already registered changes in company’s Statutes in the Register of Enterprises?

Or are you still thinking that this happens automatically?

We know how to prepare documents based on the requirements of the current legislation and, therefore, we propose to carry out this procedure for you professionally and with a guarantee of result.

We will answer all your questions.

Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today!