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Company Incorporation
Set of documents in two languages
Incorporation in the Register of Enterprises
Government fees
Account in payment system
Legal address for 1 year
Office rental agreement for 1 year
Bank account
Accounting service for 1 year
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Annual support price 120 EUR 480 EUR 480 EUR 1380 EUR
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Latvian company as a window to Europe

Latvian companies without any restrictions can be set up by residents of Latvia, as well as by foreign nationals.
Usage of Latvian companies provides to non-residents new opportunities for development of business and greatly facilitates doing business in Europe.

Advantages of company in Latvia:
• Ability to develop business in the European market
• Building an effective holding company structure
• Tax optimization for your business
• Possibility to open a bank account in the reliable European banks
• Possibility to obtain a business visa and to move freely across Schengen zone
• Possibility to obtain a residence permit in Latvia

Our qualified specialists will take into account specifics of your planned business, will give an advice and help to choose the form of the company based on an optimal taxation.

You do not need to visit Latvia in order to register the company. All process of company registration can be conducted remotely.

We provide set of documents for company registration in two languages especially for the comfort of our foreign clients (with translation on Russian, Ukrainian, English etc.)

In case of necessity, we provide a legal address for the registration of your company