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Canada LP

List of services Package
Premium +
Incorporation of company
Government fees
Legal address for 1 year
Set of registered documents
Company's stamp
Legalization of documents
Nominee service for 1 year
The issue of power of attorney for one person
Declaration of trust
Total cost 2250 EUR 2400 EUR
Discounted price 1800 EUR 1900 EUR
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Offshore company as an option of doing business

The word “offshore” is increasingly heard during periods of economic crises when business owners or those who only think about registering a business seek to minimize any financial risks – especially tax risks. The offshore zone is a limited area that offers the most favorable conditions for doing business: preferential taxation; confidentiality of the transactions and information on the parties involved in these transactions; simplicity of registration; lack of audits by financial statements and government departments. A company registered in an offshore zone can be an effective tool for comfortable and secure business.

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