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Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts Regular Price Discounted Price
Bank Account in Latvia 500 EUR 297 EUR
Bank Account in Cyprus 2000 EUR 987 EUR
Bank Account in Poland 2000 EUR 1497 EUR
Bank account in Switzerland 2000 EUR 987 EUR
Bank Account in Austria 2000 EUR 1497 EUR
Bank Account in Lichtenstein 2000 EUR 1497 EUR
Bank Account in Czech Republic 1500 EUR 987 EUR
Bank Account in Bulgaria 2000 EUR 987 EUR
Bank Account in Georgia 2000 EUR 987 EUR
Bank Account in Luxemourg 2500 EUR 1497 EUR
Bank Account in Moldova 2000 EUR 987 EUR
Bank Account in Republic of Serbia 1500 EUR 987 EUR
Bank Account in United Arab Emirates 2500 EUR -
Bank Account in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 2000 EUR 1497 EUR

Choosing the right bank is the key to the success of your business!

We understand how important today is to have an account in a good and stable bank to meet all your personal needs or the needs of your business. A stable partner is one of the keys of a successful business! But, in view of all the changes in the banking industry, opening an account become more difficult every year, or even a month. This problem is directly related to the requirement of bank regulators – which, in turn, require more detailed study of their clients and adhere to the principle of “KYC” (know your client) in accordance with the requirements of such regulations as:

Anti-Money Laundering and Prevention of Terrorist Financing *; Normative rules for in-depth study of the clients of the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC). * (Article 28 of AML policy)

Opening a bank account today is a difficult task that professionals must deal with!

As a rule, the procedure for opening a bank account consists of several verification procedures. The bank checks all the information provided in open and closed sources. That’s why opening an account usually takes 2-4 weeks and is accompanied by a large number of questions and requests for additional documents.

A person who does not have a wealth of experience working with banks may find this procedure rather complicated. That is why, we provide our assistance, to collect all required documents, fill out questionnaires, describe the business and with a more complex business structure – drawing up schemes and the structure of companies. We will help to do all the work for you securing your interests and granting a full confedentiallity.

Latest IT solutions for receiving funds from your customers online directly to your company bank account

We understand how important it is in the 21st century to keep up with the times. The development of technology is going very fast, and we are happy to provide our clients with the opportunity to expand their business in the world wide web.

E-commerce is a sphere of the economy that includes all electronic financial transactions. We cooperate with the best European companies that enable your customers to purchase your products or get the services through the Internet.
We are ready to help you find the best solution for your business – whether you are a standard customer or high-risk*.
*high-risk client – a company with the following activities: FOREX, Online Casino, Bitcoins, CFD, Asset Management, etc.

Terminal for accepting payments from your customers’ cards

We are also pleased to announce that we are now providing the opportunity, with the help of our partners, to receive a terminal for your store – which will help you to make purchases directly using payment cards.

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